One of Businesses Best Kept Secrets:How to bring culture to the bottom line

Ever wondered how companies like 3M, Hertz, Google, Marriott, LinkedIN, Coca Cola, eBay and many others measure their company’s culture by visually connecting the effect of business culture to their key performance areas?

In a blink of an eye having an overview on how your culture is influencing the performance of your company?Facilitating a commitment building dialogue with business managers around how and where to act?

All within weeks instead of months.

Want to know how? Follow this link and complete the questionnaire, we’ll email you the results.

Not many know there’s a proven path for bringing your company’s culture to the bottom line. All backed up with 25 years of research.

However it seems one of businesses best kept secrets.

How come?

Today it’s April Fools day. The moment that numerous companies will have completed their ’16 annual employee engagement measurement cycle.

Tick in the box. Enjoy a well deserved 6 months rest. You’ll do the whole thing over again in Oktober 😉

If you’re a business manager; By when do you have to hand in your 5 point departmental improvement plan based upon the survey results? Oh OK, so it’s not that easy to interpret the results and derive sound actions from it? So, now what? What are you going to do with it? Well, at least you’ve got till October…

If you’re in HR; Did your company make it into the celebrated ranking of ‘great places to work’? If not, how many % points have you gained compared to last year? And what difference does it really make? Did it stimulate honest, insightful, action inspiring conversations? And did these ultimately lead to decisions and action plans to improve the company’s business performance? And how exactly did you monitor the contribution to the bottom line?

Sounds familiar?

Too many business managers struggle with the burden of engagement and employee satisfaction surveys. Over time these seem to have become a goal in itself, instead of a means to an end.

Do they serve a purpose profiling your company as an attractive employer in the war for talent? Definitely!

But can you claim a likewise contribution to a conscious and continuous dialogue about how your culture impacts your bottom line and how to steer continuous improvement thereof?

Be honest!

In many cases the honest dialogue falls between the cracks.And serious action planning right down next to it.  Not because it’s not important. Too often just because business managers can’t correlate the output of the surveys in such a way that it makes sense and derive effective business related actions from it.

Many business managers struggle with this seasonal engagement monitoring pressure. Employee satisfaction is merely a result of something else. Wouldn’t it therefore be more effective to measure and investigate the root cause of how company culture influences company performance? Instead of shifting focus to the consequence of it?

Just measuring engagement is like measuring the engagement of two football teams of 6 year olds bunching around the ball. It’s not their engagement, agility, satisfaction nor the measurement thereof in itself that will tell you anything. It’s the direction and impact with which different aspects of your company culture (and there are more than one) are affecting performance, positively or negatively, that is important to uncover. The where and how culture is helping and hurting you is the only thing you really should be interested in. Because that’s what’s allows business managers to take the right measures to move the needle in the right direction!

Bringing Culture to the Bottom Line: Curious how your company’s culture visualizes in terms of the impact across 12 key performance areas?

Follow this link and complete the questionnaire, we’ll email you the results.

NB: This is not an April Fools joke. This really exits, it’s been around for 25 years and is called the Denison model