Talent Assessment & Coaching

Assessment Centers

Companies are increasingly focusing on efficiency when designing their recruitment, management development and career policies. ‘Assessment center’ is now becoming synonymous for ‘online testing battery shed’ or ‘clinical assessment factory.’ Time To Grow Global purposively distances itself from this. We believe in professional closeness. Quality and focus are fundamental to this.

Not for everybody

Our approach means that we choose to distance ourselves from certain clients. Our clients are organizations that value the ‘human dimension’ and don’t just talk but act. They willingly accept a price that may be higher but that saves them money in the long run. They are rewarded with quality and sustainable outcomes and very satisfied candidates and managers.

A profession in its own right

We deliver assessment centers that offer real added value. This is a profession in its own right, one that Time To Grow Global knows inside out. Our consultants are trained psychologists and experienced organizational practitioners. As equal partners they have broad frames of reference and knowledge and always get to the core of an issue.


Four types of assessment center

Selection assessment

Objective: to determine short-term fit for a specific job or role.

Potential assessment

Objective: to assess potential future fit for a specific job or job category in the long to medium-term.

Development assessment

Objective: to provide advice regarding professional and personal development decisions, e.g. when setting up a coaching program or designing management development curricula.

Career assessment

Objective: to gain insight into personal qualities, strengths, weaknesses and aspirations in order to provide advice about suitable career choices and work contexts.

Executive assessments

The goal here is to increase the quality of recruitment decisions made on an executive/board level.

Executive level participants have talents that distinguish them from others. It is often and incorrectly believed that these candidates do not require assessment.

Three report varieties

Time To Grow Global does not do general psychological analyses but assesses effectiveness, tangible outputs and the effects of candidate actions. Reports are written in simple language and include information that can be applied directly. Three report varieties are offered.

Information for participants

What is an assessment?

An assessment is a technique to measure skills, attitudes and/or personality characteristics. The difference with for instance using a single test or interview, is that the assessment is characterized by the use of multiple techniques, like practical simulations. This means that at several moments in time, we look at how someone measures up to a certain job profile, defined competencies and/or other aspects. This method has, among other things, the advantage that the objectivity is increased, but also that the predictive value for a specific position grows.

Time To Grow Global Method

When you take part in an assessment at Time To Grow Global, it will be custom build. That is to say that we reassess every time which specific skills and competencies are asked for your position or a possible future position.

Individual Coaching

Time To Grow Global’s individual coaching is result-oriented and pragmatic and is focused on creating movement and growth. We always work from clearly formulated learning points that originate in a work setting. From a foundation of respect and integrity, our coaches guide others by both supporting and challenging them. Generating a strong sense of ownership in the coachee and maximizing talents and potential are key.

If necessary, the coaching will be supported by models, self-assessment questionnaires, exercises, role-playing, reflective instruments, homework and so on. The sessions can be complemented by coaching in the workplace which is direct and practical. Every course is customized and based on the trusting relationship established between coach and coachee. A coaching course will typically consist of six sessions that will each last around 1.5 to 2 hours. Each session is separated by a few weeks up to one month. Sessions are between coach and coachee but this set-up can be changed when mutually agreed, for instance, the coach can sit in on a meeting and give feedback, or sessions between coach, coachee and their immediate manager can be arranged.


Three Angles

Our coaching focuses on talent development, performance improvement, unlocking potential and career development.

Development coaching

The need for development coaching can arise from individuals wanting to (better) match their job requirements. The goal here is to improve performance. In agreement with the immediate manager and/or HR, clear goals are determined to improve performance. The coachee is encouraged to, within a set time, live up to the job requirements established.

Development coaching can also be centered on a specific issue that the coachee must face in his/her work (and possibly also in his/her private life) and that s/he feels requires attention. Often one or a few issues are addressed during coaching.

Career Compass

The Career Compass is an affordable and compact combination of career research and coaching achieved through conversations and exercises. It’s a short but powerful coaching course. What’s unique about this course is that you look at your ambitions and interests as well as your skills and qualities. Taken together, these factors reveal your possible career trajectory.