Training & Leadership Development

Shaping Leadership

Time To Grow Global provides high-impact leadership development programs. Our clients are fast-paced companies that operate in dynamic markets. Our track record takes us around the globe in divers cultural settings. We create unique experiences and deliver sustainable results.

Our Leadership Programs

Personal Leadership

The Personal Leadership program is all about personality.

Who you are, what you think and believe, what you feel, how you act, all off this is vital for the success you have as a leader. Truly understanding this and being conscious about what this implies for you and those you lead will boost your personal development and effectiveness as a leader.

Leading Change

The Leading Change program is about enhancing changeability.

The world is changing rapidly and change has become a state of being. Change is not about mitigating risks or managing resistance. More than ever, leading change requires agility and adaptability.

Leadership Xperience

The Leadership Xperience program is about strengthening leadership engagement.

Leadership engagement encompasses both the ability of leaders to engage others as well as themselves. Why? Because it’s widely recognized that staff engagement is the strongest determining factor of the success or failure of a business. Surveys repeatedly tell us that it is leadership that impacts staff engagement the most.

Building Culture

The Building Culture program is about building the right values and environment for your company.

The invisible gap between strategy and its execution is culture. Without cultural alignment, savvy business strategies are useless and truly outstanding and sustained performance will not be achieved. Companies that are consistently successful share one key characteristic: a strong culture based on shared values.

Additional Leadership Programs

Art Of Facilitation

This program is about acquiring state-of-the-art offline and online facilitation skills.

Effective collaboration is crucial to remaining agile and competitive as a company. The reality is that most types of organizational meetings are uninspired, ineffective and time-consuming. The effect: loss of energy, unused good ideas, irritation, frustration and time wasting.

Selection Essentials

This program is about developing essential skills in recruiting with a focus on selection.

Bringing the right people onboard is one of the most challenging tasks for any leader. Hiring people that don’t fit your company or not hiring people that would have been highly successful are a major cost and often one of the central reasons for why a company does okay but doesn’t excel.

Driving Output

This program is about making co-workers responsible for results instead of activities.

One can put in a lot of energy, effort and work, but without producing any results and vice versa. Output management is a fundamental change in perspective and mentality but offers great outcomes. It demands courage from the leader as s/he has to let go of her/his solutions and give more freedom to co-workers to achieve the required results. This asks for a clearly defined playing field and the proper guidance and coaching.

Coaching Essentials

This program is about adopting an effective and practical way to coaching and developing co-workers.

Time To Grow Global is a strong advocate for steering based on output. People should be made responsible for actually delivering results and not simply required to put in a certain amount of effort. This also means that it is a principal task of a leader to make sure their people are well-equipped and skilled enough to deliver the results required. Coaching Essentials offers a very practical and simple tool to achieving this.